Hurricane Shelters 

                   New Providence

  • Aquinas College - Madeira Street

  • Bahamas Academy - Madeira Street

  • Baptist Bible Church - Soldier Road

  • Bethel Baptist Church - Meeting Street

  • C.H. Reeves - Robinson Road

  • C.R. Walker - Blue Hill Road

  • Calvary Bible Church - Collins Avenue

  • Church of Christ - Kemp Road

  • Church of God Auditorium - Joe Farrington Rd

  • Claridge Primary School - Claridge Road

  • College of The Bahamas - Oakes Field

  • E.P. Roberts Primary School - Lincoln Blvd.

  • Evangelistic Temple - Collins Ave.

  • East St. Gospel Chapel - East Street

  • Epworth Hall - Shirley Street

  • Gambier Village School- Gambier Village

  • Golden Gates Assemble - Golden Gates

  • Hillview Seventh Day - Harrold Road

  • Holy Epiphany Church - Prince Charles

  • Holy Family Church - Robinson Road

  • Jehovah's Witness Headquarters - Dolphin Drive

  • Kemp Road Baptist Church - Kemp Road

  • Mission Baptist Church - Hay Street

  • Mt. Tabor Union Baptist Church - Pinewood Gardens

List of Hurricane Shelters in the Bahamas
Hurricane preparation tips:

        - bring in anything that can be picked up by the wind
        - close all windows, doors and hurricane shutters (if no shutters, board
        up with plywood
        - turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest setting, and keep closed as much
        as possible
        - turn off propane tanks, and unplug small appliances
        - fill your vehicle’s gas tank
        - create an evacuation plan with those in your household
        - evacuate if advised by authorities

        - water (at least a 3-day supply) – one gallon per person per day
        - food (as least a 3-day supply) – non-perishable and easy to prepare
        - flashlights
        - extra batteries
        - battery-powered radio
        - first aid kit
        - necessary medications (7-day supply) and medical items
        - multi-purpose tool
        - sanitation and personal hygiene items
        - copies of personal documents
        - cell phone with chargers (and battery packs)
        - family and emergency contact information
        - extra cash
        - emergency blanket
        - baby supplies (if necessary – formula, bottles, food, diapers)
        - pet supplies (if necessary – collar, leash, ID, food, bowl, carrier)
        - tools/supplies for securing your home
        - extra set of car keys and house keys
        - extra clothing and sturdy shoes
        - rain gear
        - insect repellant and sunscreen
        - camera (for photos of damage)


        - Continuously check in with NEMA
        - Stay alert for extended rainfall and flooding, even after storm is gone
        - If you evacuated, return home only when officials say it is safe
        - drive only of necessary, and avoid flooded areas
        - keep away from loose or dangling power lines, and report them 
        Immediately to your power company
        - stay out of any building that has water around it
        - Inspect your home for damages, take photos of damages, both building 
        and contents for insurances purposes
        - Use flashlights in the dark – DO NOT use candles
        - avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are sure it is
        not contaminated
        - check refrigerator food for spoilage. “When in doubt, throw out.”
        - wear protective clothing and be cautious when cleaning up to avoid
        - watch animals closely and keep them under direct control
        - use the telephone only for emergency calls


    - Hurricane watch – hurricane conditions are a threat within 48 hours; review
                your hurricane plans; keep informed and be ready to act
                if warning is issued

    - Hurricane warning – hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours; 
                complete your storm preparations and leave the area if 
                directed to do so by authorities

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